Vincent Chye Company was founded by Vincent Chye from Singapore who came to Thailand to source for decorative items and furnishings in 1998. He started in the interior furnishings textiles trade at a very young age. In 1984, his first job was working in the Singapore showroom for CETEC, a furnishing company based in Hong Kong. He continued in the furnishings career with Aftex Fabrics in Singapore who represented many of the top international furnishings brands like Jab, Salamandre, Rubelli, Donghia, etc.  In 1998, Vincent set up an independent company in Singapore to provide furnishings for hotels and interior designers. He started exploring Thailand as a source for textiles in 1998 and worked with the major textiles wholesalers in Thailand, converting and selling Thai textiles to Interior Designers and Projects in Singapore.  In 2001, he worked in Thailand for VC Fabric as a buyer and business consultant in Bangkok. He established his own interior design and furnishings company Bangkok in 2006, and made Thailand his home.

Vincent knows that it is not always easy to communicate and get your ideas translated into actual work. Hence, our main customers are international clients looking at setting up a home or investment in resorts projects in Thailand, and abroad.

In 2010, we started our Chiang Mai Studio to source and work with Thai artisans to create decorative products and furniture for our projects. Thailand is a rich resource for materials and great skills in creating unique decorative products and furniture. We are located off Hang Dong in Chiang Mai.

Vincent Chye  provides interior furnishings supply, decoration, and the production of furniture. We provide procurement services, sourcing, and installation for all movable furniture of a project. We design and manufacture interior and exterior furniture for all our projects and for export.

We strongly believe that every interior should reflect your lifestyle and make your feel comfortable. Rejuvenates, inspires and encompasses the essence of living well. It not just about what’s in style or chasing the latest fad. We want to give you a space that you will look forward to come home to everyday and to relax in comfortable interiors.

Vincent Chye was awarded By Luxury Lifestyle Award 2020 to be among the Top 20 interior designers in Thailand Bangkok.

We provide a one stop hospitality design and supply service for Hotels & Luxury Residences in Thailand and overseas. Vincent Chye has proven experience in supplying interior design and furnishings for luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand and Overseas.