Vincent Chye creates beautiful interiors for luxury residences, boutique hotels, and resorts. There is a fine line between today's home interior designs and luxurious hotel designs. As we become more globalized and travel more, we are also taking what we like in hotel designs into our homes. Residential designs are taking on the luxurious look and functionality of hotels. Our design and resource team led by Thai designers will create, and source Interior Furniture and Furnishings and Art & Decor from the Thailand Skilled artisan to showcase your project. We service Interior Designers. Architects and Hotels Developers worldwide create beautiful contemporary and timeless interiors

การตกแต่งภายในที่โดดเด่น อบอุ่น และสะดวกสบายเหนือกาลเวลา คือสิ่งที่เราทําได้ดีที่สุด เราเชี่ยวชาญใน Residential Vilas และ Show House ปรับปรุงห้องพักในโรงแรม หรือวิลล่าส่วนตัวพร้อมสระว่ายน้ํา เป้าหมายของเราคือทําความเข้าใจโครงการ และหาวิธีที่สร้างสรรค์ที่สุดในการปรับปรุงทรัพย์สินของคุณ


Our Work Scope

  • • Develop Interior Style & Concepts
  • • Color and Mood Board
  • • Furniture Selection & Custom Furniture
  • • Art and Soft Furnishings
  • • Interior Styling & Photography
  • • Turn-Key Project & Onsite Installation

Furnishings is our main business for over two decades. The right use of colors, textures, and patterns can change the look and feel of a room. Our job is to beautify spaces by either adding or editing or upcycling your furnishings. Our interior stylist will refresh your property creating the finishing touch.

We are excited with Hotel Rooms Makeover! Firstly send us a photo of the room you like a Furnishings Design Makeover and send us floorplan with measurements Next select a Interior style. If you cannot decided we can provide suggestions suitable for the room. If there are existing furniture and furnishings you like to maintain please let us know. We can suggest way to upcycle to you give the room a fresh look. Next we need your furnishings budget and how many rooms for makeover.

Makeover Checklist

  • • Photos of Existing Room
  • • Room Floor Plan
  • • Select a Interior Style
  • • List of items for Upcycle
  • • Photos of Your Dream Makeover transformation.
  • • Art and Soft Furnishings
  • • Nos of Makeover Rooms
  • • Project Budget


Thailand with its rich heritage ,craftmanship and artisan is the best place as a resource center for interior furniture and decoration. Vincent Chye Resource center is based in Chiang Mai for over 15 years . We offer wide and varied array of design styles and materials. As featured in our website ,we bring to you a wide selection of styles from contemporary, thai elegance, modern chic, tropical, modern luxury to urban resort . We also provide custom design furniture and decoration for Theme Hotels such as Shanghai Mansion in Bangkok Chinatown. We are here to work with you to provide the best choices for your project and create and source for unique pieces to highlight your interior design .Over the years we have learned that project has their own style tastes and preferences, so it is our job to assist source and make your design a reality.