VC Decoration by Vincent Chye Co., Ltd.

Designed and Made in Thailand

We specialize in Hotel & Private Residences decoration, manufacturing, and supply of decorative, accessories and artwork to Hotel and Resorts.

We collaborate with Thai Artisan to create unique pieces using Thailand's rich resource of materials.

Maysa Living Co., Ltd.

Furniture design studio & Factory based in Hang Dong, ChiangMai

Maysa style is a contemporary urban resort. His collection features a mix of  Metal, Recycle wood and weaving to modern wall art. Main focus is working with interior designers on hotel projects.

A.RK Interior Design

Affiliated Hospitality Design Company based in Singapore

As a boutique-sized interior designer studio, we believe in delivering intricate, exquisite and practical design and form to every single project. We care to bring you the experience, that sense of belonging and the emotional bond of each space.