Furnishings is our main business, for over 30 years I have been in the furnishings fabrics industry and have worked as buyer for fabrics wholesalers and design consultant for for fabric mills. The right use of colours , texture and parttern can change a look and feel of a room. Art Program  is about bringing a empty wall to life. It can be a wall sulpture , abstract art,taperstry and much more. Art is essential to a rich and interesting  interior. Interior Styling is about loving interiors and understanding the changing times of today mordern lifestyle and Trends. The placement of a object in its scale , form and material and colours will evoke a feel of luxury, calmness , or just a relaxing room. 

We also provide Turn Key Project , Interior Design , space planning  along with custom built in furniture ,

Furnihings Decor and Accessores.. We will  handle  all procurment, delivery, installation and supervisions.

Please feel free to contact us for a enquiry  with your project details.


Our Process : 

1. Send us a photo of the suite room you like a Makeover

2. Great if you can give room size and floor plan

3. Give a list of items you like to maintain in the room.

4. Outline the desired design style, tropical , romantic, modern etc

5.Whats your furishings budget, how many rooms for makeover.

We Provide :

1. Mood Board for the desired look based on room specification

2. We provide a budgetery quotation , based on budget and rooms quantity

3. Our prices are based on supply  only and installation and export and handeling cost not included.


You have just bought your property and is  interested to enter into the  boutique hotel business and wonder where to start,

we are here for you!. Or perhaps you might want  to renovate, upgrade and re brand  your existising hotel. 

Vincent Chye  Hospitality  team can assist you from property concept to brand development to hotel management. 

We have the experience in creating lifestyle interiors for Boutique Hotels.  We also provide Turn Key Projects where we

handel all procurment of loose furniture, decorative ,art program  furnishings to build in cabintary , delivery installations and

supervisions. Vincent Chye  Hospitality team is also experience in consultancy and management of boutique